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O Rich led the fight to streamline county 911 services, saving Allegheny County taxpayers nearly 8 million per year.
He believes this would have disproportionately negative impact for senior citizens who are already struggling to make ends meet.
Septa unique mens gifts provides public transportation in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties.
You can believe Rich when he says that he will fight to make Allegheny County more affordable because it is what he did on County Council and it is what he will do as County Executive.That is why he will work to ensure that senior centers not only continue to provide their current level of services, but continue to improve in their approach to providing quality social, personal and financial services to the countys seniors.Creating bryan cranston golden globe win a Regional System Every day, thousands of residents of surrounding counties commute to the Pittsburgh and other Allegheny County municipalities for work.He will work to improve the quality of life godiva discount coupon for senior citizens by improving transit service, maintaining vibrant senior community centers and creating jobs for our children and grandchildren.Keeping our Grandkids Here - Because of Richs leadership as County Council, Allegheny Countys unemployment rate has been nearly two percent lower than the national average since 2007.In the past few years, Allegheny County has seen an increase in young people moving back into the county, ending a trend going back decades.Other take one of the various county transit agencies buses directly downtown.Rich Fitzgerald strongly opposes the county reassessment and will resist any effort to force Allegheny County to reassess while other counties are left off the hook.Rich Fitzgerald has led the fight to streamline government services in order to keep Allegheny County as an affordable place to live.Rich knows that many seniors depend on public transportation to get from place to place within Allegheny County.
Maintaining Quality of Life for Seniors Rich has long been an advocate for improving the quality of life for senior citizens.
Senior citizens who depend on public transit will once again have access to a quality agency that provides the level of service they need to live day to day in Allegheny County.
Rich Fitzgeralds Record of Fighting for Seniors.
Summary, on County Council, Rich Fitzgeralds built a strong record of fighting for Allegheny Countys senior citizens, and that is why you can count on him to do the same as County Executive.
He knows that many seniors rely on these centers for social interaction, meals, and access to vital services such as financial and benefit counseling.Rich has fought to streamline government services, reduce taxes and ensure that vital programs assist county residents in their later years.As a result of his leadership, the county is the only one in the region that has not raised property taxes in the last ten years.Rich believes this is duplicative and costly to the counties in the region as well as state government.This program gives all qualified applicants a flat 30 discount on County real estate taxes in addition to the Homestead Exemption.Senior citizens spent their working and paying taxes and Rich believes they earned the right to enjoy a good quality of life in their retirement years.Rich is also open to legislative proposals at the state level to change the makeup of appointees to of the Port Authority Board.