Remove win 8.1

remove win 8.1

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There is no uninstall option for Windows.1, no System Restore support, no way to retreat back to Windows.If you are looking for other guides on installing different versions of Windows, do not hesitate to read the recommendations below and, if you have something to add to our guide, write us a comment.So how do you uninstall Windows.1?Click on S ave settings and close the application.For the record, the problems I'd encountered were outlined in the Linux article I referred to up top.Another useful guide is this one: F ix problems that keep Windows from loading, with Startup Repair.You'll need to locate your computer's CD drive.
How to remove Windows when only one version is installed If you installed just one Windows operating system, then the uninstallation is simple.
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Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview promises to be one of the finest operating systems by Microsoft.
You can read the gory (and telling) details in "How to decide if Linux is right for you but suffice to say, all I want at this point is to restore my system to Windows.
It does not matter what version of Windows you have, the procedure for uninstalling all of them is the same, and we share it in this article.We have an excellent tutorial sharing the system recovery tools you can use, here: An overview of system recovery options for Windows.If you're not familiar with the "refresh" feature, cnet's Ed Rhee explains how to use both refresh and reset in Windows.For us, that is Windows.Now, click on the, edit Boot Menu button.Follow the installation procedure on the setup screen to install the new operating system.If you want to reuse the same partition for another operating system, you should format the partition instead of deleting.This way, you can reuse that partition (or available space) as you see fit and install the new operating system.By most accounts, Windows.1 improves on Windows 8 by tweaking the user interface, adding a boot-to-desktop option, and restoring the Start button (albeit not the one you're accustomed to).For this reason, most of the users dual boot Windows 8 Developer Preview with Windows.According to Microsoft, "If you have upgraded from Windows 8 Pro with Media Center to Windows.1 Pro with Media Center, you might be able to restore it back to Windows 8 by refreshing your.".Linux is a free open-source OS can download from the Internet to a bootable.