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422 Hand and Wrist Fractures and Dislocations (8 contact hobbyzone discount code hours) NEW!
4201 PT Orthopedic Exercise Package 1 (Courses: 417a, 423, 433) (27 contact hours) NEW!
6100 PT Pediatric Package 1 (Courses: 603, 610, 612, 615, 629, 643) (20 contact hours) NEW!434a Modalities for Therapeutic Intervention 6th edition (25 contact hours) updated!441e Hip and Pelvis: Orthopedic Management -ebook version (24 contact hours) NEW!Geriatrics, home Health, neuro Rehab, orthopedics 413 Rehab of the Postsurgical Spine (6 contact hours) 417a Aquatic Therapy: Benefits, Guidelines and Treatment Techniques (8 contact hours) NEW!Success 71, march 7, 2017, how likely is donald trump to win the election dec 4, 2017.Choose from over 20 topics taught by expert presenters.
Assistive Technology, clinical Medicine, documentation, Government Regulation Reimbursement, ethics.
423 Designing Effective Resistance Training Programs for the Physical and Occupational Therapist: Rethinking 3x10 (6 contact hours) 426 Therapeutic Stretching: A Functional Approach (15 contact hours) NEW!
473 Hip and Knee: Advancements in Joint Replacement (10 contact hours) NEW!
427v video library-Length, Strength, and Kinesio Tape NEW!
435 Thermal Agents in Rehabilitation: Evidence Based Update (6 contact hours) 438 Rehab of the Shoulder (30 contact hours) 438e Rehab of the Shoulder-ebook version (30 contact hours) 441 Hip and Pelvis: Orthopedic Management (24 contact hours) NEW!
427e Length, Strength, and Kinesio Tape(ebook course) (21 contact hours) NEW!480 Elbow Common Diagnoses and Rehabilitation(4 contact hours) NEW!433 Yoga Therapy (13 contact hours) NEW!December 27, 2017 couponking, cODE: Sale items as cheap.42 *Hot Awesome!With over 275 physical therapy continuing education courses, you are sure to find something that interests you.4202 PT Orthopedic Exercise Package 2 (Courses: 417a, 423, 466, 212, 221) (30 contact hours) NEW!418a Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis (Tennis or Golf, Anyone?) Updated (6 contact hours) NEW!The test will need to be taken until a passing score has been achieved.Questions that were answered incorrectly in previous attempts will be listed for you, so you can go back and correct your answers and resubmit your exam.4101 PT Upper Extremity Orthopedic Package 1 (Courses: 418a, 419, 421) (21 contact hours) NEW!

442 Female Hip and Pelvis: Orthopedic Management (3 contact hours)   NEW!