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That it has worked everywhere else is a clear sign that whatever barriers to implementation exist in the United States are those set up by our own agencies failures rather than by something unique to this country.
Transit agencywith the exception of Honolulushas failed to adopt to this trend and has no plans to change, raises important questions.
In New York City, where capacity problems are obvious every morning, every evening and every weekend, the MTAs response has been halting and insufficient.At this point, though, we wont see such designs in New York City for at least ten years, if at all, and thats just a failure of problem solving at a time when we need executives to be thinking outside the (American) box.And they may not be able to resolve some issues, such as the fact that Washingtons Metro runs trains of different car lengths on each line.But the fact that every.S.On the congested Lexington Avenue Lineabout.6 feet of each trains 513.3-foot length is used up by the empty four feet between each car and the 10 feet reserved for the cabs at the center of the trains.He writes of global trends and New York, in particular: Open gangways caberfae peaks discount lift tickets provide a number of advantages: One, they expand capacity by allowing riders to use the space that typically sits empty between cars.If it takes 10 years and billions of dollars just to build a new subway stop, the next rolling stock purchases should all have open gangways.
Thats practically as much relief as the Second Avenue Subway will provideat the cost of trains that would be purchased anyway.
Subway is a start, by itself, it wont be the answer.
The MTA, like others around the country, has the opportunity to address some of its problems through the purchase of these trains.
Over at The Transport Politic, Yonah Freemark wonders why American transit agencies have ignored open gangways.
That means that, if the Lexington Avenue Line were transitioned to trains with open gangways, the line could gain almost an entire car-length of capacity on every train.
This added capacity means that a metro line can carry more people with trains of the same length.The 2013 Twenty-Year Needs Assessment identified open gangways as a potential innovation on the horizon, and transit advocates noted that the MTA is one of the largest system in the world without such cars.The MTA hasnt really dabbled with open gangways but has acknowledged their existence.Three, it increases safety at times of low ridership by increasing the number of eyes in the train.Even a fully funded capital plan wont do much to solve the subways capacity crunch, and although the first phase of the Second Ave.There are no obvious downsides.As I wrote recently, the agency is ill prepared to deal with the crowds today and hasnt adequate prepared for tomorrow.Special Offers, year-round, The Surrey extends exclusive rates and experiences to enhance every stay, among them seasonal packages, inspired local offerings and member privileges.It certainly seems.