How to use amazon gift card on redbubble

how to use amazon gift card on redbubble

payment method.
How do I sign up?
You can do so by following the steps listed in Making changes to your Amazon account information for Amazon Pay.You can also hover your cursor over the "Your Account" tab and click "Your Account" at the top of the drop-down menu.If you haven't received a receipt that is valid for your income tax reporting purposes, contact them directly.Method 3 Acquiring Gift Cards 1 Navigate to Amazon 's new york city attractions discount coupons site.Click "Proceed to checkout" when you're ready to purchase your card.If you can enter your account email address and password, but you cannot complete your purchase, check that your payment method is set up correctly.What do I need to do before I can donate with Alexa?
5 7 Enter your gift card's claim code.
Please don't add the address of an Amazon Locker as a shipping address for your Amazon Pay purchases.
From this menu, you can select a dollar amount, write a message, and choose a design.4 Add any items you wish to purchase to your cart.Generally speaking, there isn't much you can do to get a gift card balance back.Any of the payment methods available in your Amazon account can be used with Amazon Pay.5 Click or tap the cart icon.Here are some things you can try: Verify that you are entering the email address and password that are associated with your account correctly when you are trying to complete a purchase.Your gift card balance will be automatically applied to whichever purchase you make after entering the card 's code; to apply your balance to a specific purchase, you'll need to enter the card 's code at the checkout screen.