How likely is donald trump to win the election

From a big-picture level, this classic outsider versus insider challenge is ashp midyear discount another way the 9 year energy tests us on collectively held beliefs.
Hillary Rodham Clinton, hillary Clintons Mystical Numerology chart shows that she has a strong connection with the people, and an interest in building strong communities and a strong society.Other aspects of rose cottage drinks promo code the 12 include service, honesty, fair play, and social justice.If you are reading this, I imagine that you will agree that weve never seen anything like it before in your lifetime.How this works all pollsPolls of likely or registered votersPolls of adults.His Mayan Year is 9 Aj, an energy that gives him influence with his block of disenfranchised voters.Despite the perception that she is the establishment candidate, the 11 energy she carries is that of the trailblazer, change agent, reformer, healer and teacher.Introduction, this has been an unprecedented, crazy 2016 presidential election cycle in the.S.If you are naturally nasty, narcissistic, racist, and misogynistic, or are a bombastic blowhole, materialistic, power-hungry, dont play well with others, and in the race mostly for yourself and your ego, this is a year that will magnify your character flaws especially because you are.Lord knows, the values of the Tea-Party hijacked Republican Party are causing honest Abe Lincoln, the first Republican president, to turn over and over in his grave.He has shattered the Republican Party and the conservative movement in America.
This is true also for each of the presidential candidates.
The Shadow : The major downside to Clintons energetic profile is the potential to get trapped in materialism and power games.
This also seems to cause her to wall herself off and be secretive.
Particularly as a woman in American politics, mastery of both money and power has been required to generate her impressive resume.
The executive order Republicans are really referring to is the one that protects some 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation.Energies for 2016 : The force of Destiny is pulling Hillary Clinton forward this year.The 12 is the initiator and inspirer, the person of big dreams who has the ability to take us in new directions.Each how to get free xbox gift cards no human verification of us is experiencing this to differing degrees in our own lives, as are each of the candidates.They sense that she is not quite as selfless as Bernie Sanders, and this is probably true.Note: I wrote the bulk of this article back in April, at least two months before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump became the respective nominees of their parties.He is intuitive, shoots from the hip, and has a tendency to scatter his energies in too many directions at once.If thats the case, then Trump will have been true to his Mayan Birth energy.

I read recently that Republicans argue that President Obamas executive actions have been a threat to constitutional order (even though Obama has issued far less executive orders than his Republican predecessors).