Highest win rate adc season 7

highest win rate adc season 7

I usually don't build MR on Jinx unless absolutely necessary like in this vid.
This makes her an even better pick as she has a higher win rate and lower ban rate than Tristana.
With his ability to turn invisible, sneak behind enemy lines and unleash carnage bigstock coupon code with his ultimate, its clear why he's the best ADC.
These stats will not only help you diff eyewear coupon code 2017 decide which champion to pick, but it also gives you an idea of what other people are playing and how to counter them.Ban Rate:.9 (High average Kills/Deaths/Assists:.8 /.5 /.6.Ban Rate:.4 (Very low average Kills/Deaths/Assists:.4 /.0 /.2.It seems like Miss Fortune is one of the best ADCs which has slipped through the net in ranked games.Next videos, autoplay, language: English, location: Germany, restricted Mode:.Starting off our list is the Yordle with the huge bazooka!
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Average Kills/Deaths/Assists:.4 /.9 /.5.
Ban Rate:.2 (extremely high average Kills/Deaths/Assists:.5 /.7 /.5.Runes: Armor yellows, AD reds, MR blues, AS quints.Speaking of winning, Draven currently has a win rate.6 which is fairly high compared to the other ADCs we've covered in this list.Considering almost every ranked match you go in shell be banned, it might not be the best idea trying to learn her.Currently sitting at a win rate.3, its safe to say that in the right hands Caitlyn wins games.Next up on our list of the best ADCs is Miss Fortune.Viktor, top, Mid, ahri, mid, name, popularity.However, she does benefit from an increased range on her abilities and crazy attack speed boost.By analyzing thousands of League of Legends games we have a whole array of statistics from the win percentage to ban rate and average popularity.Known for her high mobility, deadly AOE ultimate and annoying crowd control abilities, Miss Fortune is a great addition to any team.

But with so many to choose from, which one should you learn?
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