Great gag gifts

Parents need a reminder they are not alone when it comes to dealing with the dark side of parenthood.
DIY Boyfriend Pillow If you know that theyve been a bit lonely lately, give them a shoulder to cry.
With the scent of Pine drifting through your asda mobile voucher nose, you will almost feel as though you are in the forest with him.
This convenient red nose can be worn for any situation where you need to produce a smile.Diy Underwear Chip Bowl If the man in your life enjoys nothing more than watching the game in his undies whilst drinking beer and eating chips, hell appreciate this novelty snack bowl.The T-Rex has gnomercy and gnome man can ever stop his evil wrath.The flask makes a great gift swarovski bridesmaid gifts and is perfect for getting through family gatherings during the holiday season.7.99, passive Aggressive Notes, love reading notes from disgruntled people barely managing to make it through life without a psychotic break?
34.95 Blinker Fluid If you know a car lover whose knowledge doesnt match their passion, play a prank on them with this Blinker Fluid.
This great gift will ensure that they no longer need a top up as the glass holds an entire bottle of their favorite tipple.
All pieces are soldas-is, as-shown.
Shaped like a grenade, this mug has its very own ring pull with number tab.
Now you can like and dislike documents with the Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps.
Newspaper Article Generator Give a gift that is hot off the press with this personalized newspaper article generator.Worn just like a traditional visor hat, it features a head of hair sprouting from the top.9.97 Mysack Golf Ball Storage is shop your way rewards worth it Need to rely on humor because your golf game is so awful?7.51 Accoutrements Llc Mens Handerpants Imagine waking up from a nightmare, the worst nightmare imaginable, you were out shopping and you were caught with your Handerpants around your wrists!These sticks of dynamite should do the trick.The Flair Hair Visor can help.Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure, this unique action figure turns everyones favorite crazy lady into a fun gag gift.This hardcover book is filled with humorous passages all parents will enjoy.

The next time they are running their mouths and you detect something stinky, push the Official Bullsh*t button.
This tool helps you keep even the finest vintage fresh and fruity between glasses.
You will shock friends and family when you grab your fire starter sticks out of a box labeled dynamite.