Gifts for cuban locals

Laundry in Cuba There are no public laundry facilities in Cuba.
Private cabs arent worth the hassle, nor are they necessarily roadworthy or cheaper.
Thats when I realized I probably could have shared the wealth of those scrunchies around a bit more!Eventually Anna found a guy who said he had two, but from the same company who earlier said they had none, Via Rent A Car (they have no website, but you can book online through other sites like Cuba Junky ).Avoid staying at hotels banned by the US State Department and spending money at military-owned businesses.That turned out to be a solid piece of advice, but in the weeks leading up to my departure, it wasnt nearly specific enough.Just in case someone in the US decides to ask later (which doesnt happen).For those that do not subscribe to El Paquete, the usage of USB porto champions league win sticks can still be very effective in transporting Mp3s, movies, or general documents that other countries tend to email to each other.You can add more shake shake gift card money for more calling time.I was curious what would happen when I returned to the United States.
US credit and debit cards dont yet work in Cuba.
Bring more than you need to be safe.
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On the other hand, if you go with an open mind and in the spirit of learning about a wonderful people and their unique society and culture your journey will be unequaled.
Soap, shampoo, conditioner again, bring down small bottles you can give away, but also bring down larger bottles youll use while youre there, then leave it all behind.
We want your journey to be safe, without complications, and culturally rewarding.
Traveling To Cuba Soon?It attracts pickpockets, which are a growing problem.While Cubans are punctual delays are common because of transportation and communications problems.All of the small material conveniences and services we take for granted are absent on every level in Cuba.Renting a car in Cuba isnt easy or cheap.The word donation raises concerns because, in the past, bad people have brought harmful things into Cuba as donations.Dont let them waste your precious time in Cuba.That wasnt always the case though.