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Dont leave anything to bath time gifts chance: Take the path of success, the science way.Lookout for more m free coupons.So how can you figure out the optimal discount to offer?But mastering the art of geo-targeting is a real challenge.No Geo coupon code required, simply click on the offer link to Sign Up and Get free Gifts on your orders.Yes, your customers have pretty different reactions, and theres no one-size-fits-all solution.We are serving the optimal discount to all customers in this location, and only try out variations on a small sample of visitors.But obviously, giving away a discount to every customer has a cost.Lets see what awesome stuff I can find here!More generally, you will be able to optimize the budget allocation of your CPC campaigns and target geographical areas that are driving the highest profit per visitor.The standard of living vary as well, even within a single country.
The Little Secret to Optimize your Sales.
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Weve been running o2 odeon discount coupon boxes on hundreds of stores, measured the impact on conversions, analyzed tons of data and came to this simple conclusion: Knowing the physical location of your customers is the key to running the optimal sales campaigns.
We will also start running coupon split tests from day one to observe the price sensitivity of your customers.
As a starting point, we are using both pricing intelligence data about your competition and economical data to adjust your discounts.
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As soon as we have measured the optimal discount in a specific location, we are switching to a monitoring mode.Optimize your Geo-Targeted Sales Campaigns, with Darwin Pricing, you can run geo-targeted sales campaigns on your store for free.Online shoppers hate shipping costs!This plugin provides the integration between.With a coupon box, your customers feel motivated to stay longer on your store and discover your products.This initial sales optimization step will already boost your profits from day one and this is only the first step.