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1/0 treble attached to a steel leader one to three feet long.At that point the fish doesn't always have the bait completely in its mouth and any attempt to set the hook may jerk it free.The pike should still be in the area.Jay Bryce is a community manger at m (m.The best bait is a lively chub or large shiner hooked beneath the dorsal fin or a bluegill of about four inches.They usually fill their spools with heavy braided line in the 20 to 50 pound test range catholic gift shop mesa az just in case they tie into one of the lunkers they dream about.They are easy to use, suitable for many conditions and will give you a big catch.
When a novice sees the flag on a tip-up spring up, the natural first reaction is to run to the hole and haul back on the line as quickly as possible.
Pike are popular quarry of ice fishermen.
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It seems that northern pike have adapted to utilizing these food sources.Though they are primarily kinder surprise gift set pursued with tip ups, baited with live minnows or suckers, they can be taken with rod and reel, either jigging or fishing with bait.About All about spinnerbaits for bass fishing Filed Under: Bass bait, Bass Fishing, Bass Fishing lures, Best bait for bass, Best bass baits, Best bass lures Tagged With: bass, bass bait, bass baits, bass fishing, bass fishing bait, bass fishing baits, bass fishing lure, bass.Still, you are assured of a hefty catch if your choice of bait can suit all conditions whether hot or cold, deep or shallow.2 short shanked single hook or.Most pike fishermen have the best success by keeping their bait about one foot off the bottom.In some waters where live bait is prohibited, a piece of red meat, a dead minnow or a piece of smelt is used.It is essentially a bladed jig.Use common sense, and never fish alone.Strategically cut your holes along the edge of weed lines where pike are known to strike.