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Transport Shuttle Service, there is a bus transfer service direct to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary that runs daily and is available for pickup from Surfers Paradise, Mariners Cove Broadbeach.
Time: 1:30pm Food and Drink If you're planning to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary you'll likely be there a decent number of hours, and with that time spent inevitably comes hunger and thirst.
Their soft fur and big eyes make for an incredibly cute experience!In addition to soft drink, the cafe also serves a decent coffee for those who need their caffeine hit.Lorikeet Feeding While it's not technically a "show Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 's lorikeet feeding sessions are perhaps its most iconic experience, having been in operation in some form dating all the way back to 1947 before the sanctuary officially existed.Featured offer, enjoy these special offers when you book your next tour with Scenic Tours.The train track at Currumbin Sanctuary has multiple key "stations" both for boarding and disembarking that helps cut down on walking time and serves as a fun ride for the kids to boot, and it's all entirely free after entering.Option 3 - Wild Burgers Located at roughly the "halfway point" between the entrance of the park and its far side, Wild Burgers has its own stop on the Currumbin Sanctuary train station track and is the go-to spot if you're looking for a solid.Free Flight Bird Show Show time: 11:00am and 2:00pm One of the main highlights of any trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is their excellent free-flight bird show that shows off a diverse range of bird species both large and small in action.A long-running institution that has done great work for several decades, the Wildlife Hospital admits over 8000 native animal patients each year, with each animal receiving a high level of veterinary care from the skilled and passionate staff.It's also a great way to quickly orientate yourself with the park and get an idea of which animals are where (take the tour in the morning before enjoying the rest of the attraction allowing you to mentally plan out your day ahead.There are 5 big courses at currumbin where you will be traversing very high in the tree top's through the pristine bushland while keeping watch for Tasmanian Devils and over Dingo's howling love to shop vouchers hobbycraft at you as you pass by their enclosures After your experience at our.
Of course, it also serves as a popular activity for paying visitors to the sanctuary to either start or finish off their days with as well, and is incredibly fun for children in particular.
Pricing is 25 per person and availability is 3 times per week at 2:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
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Currumbin TreeTop Challenge 28 Tomewin Street Currumbin Queensland 4223 Australia.
As a result a day at Currumbin Sanctuary involves a lot of walking that may be tiring if it wasn't for one great feature - its train.
During the show you'll see birds demonstrating behaviours that they display in the wild; birds of prey swoop swiftly through the sky and catch mouse heads tossed to them by the presenter, beautifully coloured macaws perch on branches before taking off, a buzzard demonstrates its.
Echidna Encounter: The difference between discount rate and discount factor spiky and slow moving echidna is one of Australian wildlife 's most recognisable icons, and with this experience you'll be able to hold one (from the bottom of course!) and enjoy their unique and entertaining personalities.Once here you will have a couple of options for parking; limited free middle-of-the-street public parking is available a short walk around the corner from the attraction and further down along Currumbin Beach, however due to the popularity of both the Sanctuary and the beach.Show watchers will also have the chance to meet the furry friends starring in the show for a photo opportunity after it's finished.Snake Photo Opportunity: This takes place after the Australiana Sheep Shearing Show and will allow you to get your hands on an impressive (yet harmless!) diamond python.The cafe is open for both breakfast (from 8am to 10am) and lunch (10:30am to 3:00pm) 7 days a week and serves a mixed bag of both fresh modern foods as well as fast food-style options.Sanctuary - Morning Gold Coast Sightseeing Cruise including tea or coffee and a freshly baked muffin.Scenic Hinterland Day Tours offers the best selection of day tours and half day tours on the.Bird of Prey Photo Opportunity: After the Free Flight Bird Show, you'll have the chance to have your photo taken with a Wedge-Tailed Eagle - the largest predatory bird in Australia.Book Online Animal Encounters and Optional Photos Those wanting to get more "hands-on" during their visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary will have numerous opportunities to do so during a visit; the attraction offers a variety of animal experiences with different creatures from all over the.You can click the tabs along the top to quickly sort the list to find the things to see and do that best match youre interests.View more, multi Award Winning!